Instant Brush Sanitizer

Instant Brush Sanitizer

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Our Instant Brush Sanitizer is PERFECT for on-the-go Artists + Makeup Lovers. This brush cleaner instantly cleans leftover makeup out of brushes and leaves them sanitized for you + your clients. 

Oh and guess what... you can use this products on hands AND products for instant sanitizing + Hydration! A handbag MUST HAVE.

Size // 125ml


☆ Multi-Purpose! Perfect for sanitizing Brushes + Hands + Products

☆ Vegan + Cruelty-free brush cleaner

☆ Made from Organic ingredients right here in Australia

☆ Jasmine Oil ♡ We formulated our sanitizer to ensure its scent was of a relaxing + Calming nature. Why? So that every time you do your makeup (or a clients) you are having a peaceful experience.

☆ Orange Peel provides hydration for both brushes + hands

Rose Water contains antibacterial + anti-inflammatory properties. Benefiting both your skin + your brushes

 Isopropyl gently releases all makeup + instantly sanitizes